VI Studio ft. Perla II


Double styling flex.

We took on a more feminine approach with Perla's second look. 

Laced in a vintage piece, we ditched pants and accentuated Perla's shapely figure. With a petite frame, an oversized blazer worked wonders as a dress. Playing with proportions, thigh high boots complemented this old-school garment and nailed the sassy demeanor. We brought this pinstripe '80s blazer up-to-date by removing the shoulder pads and allowing the structure in the sleeves to add dimension. Although the 'fit has a consistent color palette, the gold buttons added a slight pop. We left most of them open to keep the outfit playful and produce an assymmetrical layered effect.        

At VI Studio, we are creatures of habit, applying elements of our uniform: leather, oversized, and monochrom

Perla for VI Studio. Styled by Arianna Jadé. Captured by SlingShotMenace.

Wearing vintage, thrifted blazer and Steve Madden thigh high leather boots

Take notes:

Don't be afraid to rework vintage garments.

Thigh high boots look best with hemlines that hit right below the hip.

Leave your closures open. Unbutton and/or unzip to experiment with symmetry and layering.