VI Studio ft. Che


Goth child. 

Meet Francheska aka Che, NYC's leading hair colorist and hair stylist.

Che isn't afraid of making her clients stand out, experimenting, and creating chemistry in her hair salon. Naturally, she is playful, sartorially adventurous, and shakes up conventions with an edginess that is all her own.

We sharpened the edge with a bespoke styling. Flirting with the current corset trend, we layered oversized garments underneath and incorporated chic grunge accessories, while contrasting dark, smokey eyes with soft finger waves.

At VI Studio, we are peculiar, boldly provocative, and unconventional in a way that is fashionably comforting.

Che aka HairByChemistry for VI Studio. Styled, photographed & edited by Arianna Jadé. Makeup by Tiffany.

Wearing corset, fishnet knit sweater, Zara hooded ballet sweatshirt, Hanes basic black tee, Forever 21 ring set, Victoria Secret lace socks, Doc Marten boots.

Take notes:

Cop a corset, now. Wear over hoodies, oversized tops, and slinky dresses.

Usurp grunge wardrobe without going overboard. Balance with sexy, feminine attire, i.e.: lace, fishnet, and leather. 

Rebel against pants and use the styling trick of layering long tops.

Embrace the subversive spirit with dark eyes, burgundy pout, and sleek hair. Can you say bad girl gothic?