VI Studio


Welcome to VI Studio - a completely new space and platform that will stimulate your personal style and fashion sense. This is truly for women who live and dress on the edge. We thrive at the intersection of feminine apparel and menswear/sportswear. We strike the right chord between the two and deliver images that push boundaries. No, we will not play it safe. We're all about making you feel sexy, confident, and badass, whether you're wearing an oversized parka or a snug bodycon dress. If you live by fashion rules, check them at the door and prepare to have a little fun with your style. At VI Studio, we admire and cherish the fearless woman. She is bold and comfortable with who she is, takes action without asking for permission, and owns everything she says and does. This woman is you.

Yessi for VI Studio. Shot by Arianna Jadé. Photo edits by @SlingShotMenace.

Take notes:

The army and navy store is your best friend.

Layers layers layers.

Muted tunes are in. (been)

Slouching your oversized gear is where it's at.

It's ok to get scissor happy with your clothes.