Eat It


During a summer where off-the-shoulder, ruffles, and tropical colors are reigning over, I went full throttle in a blackout look. 

Mixing activewear with sensual clothing, I feminized a sporty look. As a general rule of thumb, combining different textures and fabrics add dimension to a solid, uni-color outfit. The high-split skirt left little to the imagination, while an oversized men's kimono (with a rather cheeky message!) cloaked over a revealing hemline. Silver accessories, 90's-inspired sunnies, and color block kicks put the final touches on this style.

Feminine, chic, and street. Doesn't get much better.

Union x Brain Dead Noragi 

Pretty Little Thing Slinky Bandeau

House of Sunny Velvet Skirt

Y3 Kohna Sneakers

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Photography by SlingShotMenace