The Return


Hiatuses. They're good for you. Give yourself a break for much needed breathing space, allow your mind to wander, undergo growth and discovery, and develop into the person you've always desired. 

I took a long hiatus from personal blogging to give rise to styling other women while honing in on my creative/art direction. VI Studio is my new baby, a platform to transform feminine sartorial aesthetics. Fuck rules and boundaries. We weren't born in a box, so why thrive in one? As the stylist behind VI Studio, I enjoy experimenting with garments that my muses wouldn't typically wear. In fact, I adore resurrecting a side of my goddesses that I envision in them, but they have long forgotten or abandoned. Watch my point of view and art direction progress and unfold. Stick around for the ride, you don't want to miss what's next on this journey ;)

Vintage Tahari Silk Shirt Dress (thrifted for $3.99)

Ego Official Perspex Ankle Boots

DirtyGlam 'Like a Prayer' Choker

Photography: DeexDee | IG