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Unlikely Pairing

Loving this suede x fishnet combo. These Zara booties (and most of my heels) have been suffering from major neglect due to the the subzero tundra, so playing around with socks sprung to mind. Who else has been heavily layering due to the unbearable climate?! This season, my style consists of two alternatives: comfy, layered and oversized tomboy or (rarely) girly and fab paired with watery eyes and a runny nose. THE JOY!

I could go ahead and gush endlessly about this amazing human being, Marz Léon. Instead, I'll note that her style is amazing and incites tons of inspiration for me, i. e. heels with socks ;) Lately, I've been living for simplicity, clean lines, non-feminine silhouettes, muted hues with a swipe of bright lipstick and winged eyeliner for that girly touch. Cozygirlz4lyfe, right?

"Go for it. Your dreams are valid and worth the chase." - Alex Elle