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Winter-Proof Your Skin

Ladies, let's keep our skin pretty even throughout the harsh winter chill. I struggle with dry and dull skin during this season, mainly due to my case of slight eczema. I researched a bunch of solutions, tried a few products, and came down to a daily routine and few staple products. Straying away from alcohol and salicylic acid ridden products (which rob my face of moisture), I've combined various emollients and natural products to put my best face forward.


Step 1: Wash face with Life-flo Pure Almond Oil. Dispense a dime size, combine with warm water, and cleanse face in circular motions for 20-30 seconds. Rinse face with cold water, which closes pores. Gently pat skin dry with a clean towel.

It seems odd to cleanse with oil, but with all it's beneficial properties, it proves its use. I love that almond oil fights blemishes and acne without stripping your skin! Plus, it helps prevent wrinkles. *winks*

Step 2: Tone with my new go-to: all-natural, alcohol-free astringent, Thayer's Rose Petal Witch Hazel. Squeeze into a cotton ball (cotton pads work just fine, too) and swipe all over face. Allow to dry for 30-60 seconds before moving on to the next step.

Witch hazel removes impurities, revitalizes skin, reduces eye puffiness, shrinks pores, smooths and softens skin, and adds moisture. This is my new holy grail, hence why I'm already half-way done with the bottle!

Step 3: Moisturize and seal in all that goodness with one pump of Aveeno's Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer and 1-2 drops of Vitamin E oil (from Trader Joe's). Rub in palms and apply to face in an upward motion.

Aveeno's moisturizer provides a radiant glow, evens tone, helps clear blemishes, and protects with SPF 15. Vitamin E oil finishes the job by adding elasticity to skin and is a great barrier against the harsh temperatures.


Before going night night, it's an absolute must to remove that makeup honey! So all those times you've hopped right into bed half-way drunk with makeup still on? Yeah, your doing your face a major disservice. Makeup settles into the lines of your face causing wrinkles, clogs your pores, and prevents your skin from naturally renewing itself overnight.

Makeup removal: Scoop a quarter-sized amount of Trader Joe's Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. Rub all over face, especially the eye area to remove even the most stubborn eyeliner and waterproof mascara. Wipe face with tissue or cotton pads.


Step 1: Wash off all the debris from the day (and the remaining coconut oil) with Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Liquid Soap. Dispense a dime-sized amount, lather with cold water, and cleanse face in circular motions for 20-30 seconds. Rinse face with cold water. Gently pat skin dry with a clean towel.

I cannot emphasis how much this soap has been incorporated into my daily beauty routine. It has helped get rid of my pimples and blemishes, makes my skin feel squeaky clean without dryness or tightness in my face, and can even be used as a body wash and shampoo! Definitely one of my holy grail products!

Step 2: Tone with witch hazel! (see step 2 above)

Step 3: Squeeze 3-4 drops of Tarte's Pure Maracuja Oil, rub in palms, and apply to face and neck (in upward motion). Then catch some zzz's and wake up with soft, rejuvenated skin! :)

Maracuja oil targets individual skin concerns and delivers balanced moisture for firmer, brighter, and smoother-looking skin. It works to rejuvenate and deliver an even-toned complexion while its infusion of vitamin C creates the appearance of brighter skin. This powerful elixir supports anti-aging and provides instant hydration—quenching dry skin without leaving it feeling greasy or filmy. - from Sephora


Exfoliate: Buff away dull, dead surface skin cells with Peter Thomas Roth's Pumpkin Enzyme Mask. Scoop a nickel-sized amount with wet fingers and apply in a circular motion onto face. Leave for 5-7 minutes, then wash off with cold water. Gently pat skin dry with a clean towel. Use once a week.

A powerful and intensive treatment, this exfoliator helps get rid of blackheads, whiteheads, and polishes skin. You can get the gift version pictured, here.

Hope this post has been helpful. I'm far from a "beauty guru", but I've Googled, Youtubed (I get tons of helpful tips from Hey Fran Hey - check her out!), and product hoarded my way to a solution for my skin. All the products can be found at Target, Vitamin Shoppe, Trader Joe's, and Sephora. I've been using this daily routine for over a month and I go more days makeup free! Here's to youthful, clear, winter-proof skin! ;)