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Défilé de Mode: NYC Uptown Fashion Week

Fashion showOn Thursday, December 6, 2012, New Yorkers followed the emerging fashion designer, Nelson Tavarez, uptown as he teamed up with Madeline Veriguete and Nicholas Velez to individually debut their ready-to-wear Spring 2013 collections. Urban chic city slickers watched the aesthetics of each collection at Negro Claro, an upbeat lounge that was transformed into a high-profile runway. Cascading into their seats were glamourous men and women donning retro, urban, hipster and vintage styles of the everyday Uptown New Yorker. As tribal house music swelled the ambience, smoke spilled throughout the room creating an exotic excitement.

Madeline Veriguete x Nicholas Velez x Nelson Tavarez

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Madeline Veriguete's collection, Human Heart, awed the crowd with her ultra feminine pieces and vibrant pastel colors. Veriguete exhibited flowing garments that allowed movement, but were far from simple. Resplendence oozed from the runway as elegance and lustrous met functional and practical. Each look popped with bursts of orange, fuchsia, emerald, and violet on silk and linen textiles. The rich boldness of the draped designs emphasized the spirited grace that bedazzled the audience throughout Madeline Veriguete's show. Well done!

The next collection, by Nicholas Velez, was initiated with a Black Swan-esque ballerina performing to incantations against a fervent base. The graceful, passionate dance moves fused with a pulsing melody readied the audience for a raw, yet soulful experience. Pacing the runway were über-masculine pieces that played with heavy structure and layered clothing. Black absorbed the color spectrum of the collection, but was offset by combining different fabrics like wool, cotton, and leather. The line recalled the era of rebel grunge with elements of outerwear, kilts, print t-shirts, and utility boots - complementing the collection's tough and aggressive feel with solid black and netted face masks. Nicholas Velez's collection exudes an unapologetic vibe, but no apology is necessary for such an exquisite show!

The final collection, In The Shadows, celebrates Nelson Tavarez's recent success at the Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week, where he was selected to showcase his designs. In The Shadows toyed with androgynous creations through vivid colors, translucent fabrics, and architectural designs. Tavarez's skill is evident through color-blocking, pattern making, and intentional meandering hem lines. Seductive, daring and uninhibited is the woman who slips into his contoured garments with exposed zippers and provocative cutouts. The euphoria of each piece is augmented by the fluorescent azure, tangerine, indigo, and creme hues. Tavarez constructs designs for the tenacious and fearless woman. Through his intrepid nature, he forges an indelible mark in the fashion world and blazes a path to continue on.

This amazing show would not have been possible without Uptown Fashion Week! SAVE THE DATE for the next Fashion Show on February 14, 2013!

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DJ 5:26 who rocked out amazing progressive house music!

DJ 5:26


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