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viscose illusion.

@viscoseillusion Why viscose illusion?

Well... viscose is a textile that is extremely versatile. Viscose, short for viscose rayon, is used for almost any garment you can think of from dresses, lining, t-shirts to lingerie and even outerwear. Needless to say, the fibers of this soft fabric can construct almost any outfit. With a material as polytropic as me and encompassing of my penchant for fashion, what better noun to use than this.

Next... illusion. As a literary enthusiast, this word expresses my ideal that one's perception of reality is in fact an illusion. Our beliefs are framed on what is visualized and how our minds interpret things. So we see paradise through our eyes.

Put those two words together and my versatile vision is born, giving you my observations and perspectives of beauty, fashion, literature, the arts, and more.

So I hope you enjoy what viscose illusion has to offer.

P.S. - the initials of Viscose Illusion are VI, or Roman numeral 6, which happens to be my birthdate as well as my favorite number. I thought this was pretty rad.

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