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Where does happiness lie?

Does it grow on a tree Ripening for you to pick it?

Prime prompt prepared for you to consume it,

And become nourished by it?

Does happiness lie in a cloud

Suspended in a cotton candy sky?

Swelling 'til the hour it bursts and

Cascades over your face

To cleanse away the doldrums engulfing your being?

Where, oh, where does happiness lie?

Is it embedded between the sheets

Where he lies and she lies, tangled

In a fervent hot spell?

Does it lie in a current of electricity,

Jolting us deeper into euphoric bliss?

Where does happiness lie

in those times when we need it most?

Is it eclipsed by the apathy of life instructing it to evade

Detection rejection affection?

Where does happiness lie?

For if it objects to lie within us

Then, irrefutable, it lies resting,

Within an inactive dormancy.

Or, ultimately, the question begs

Not to be asked of its

Location situation destination.

Rather revel in the expanse of the

Deceptive nature of happiness

And question the fabrication that happiness lies here and there and nowhere at all.

In fact, the perjury of happiness poses a masquerade,

A fanciful disguise that it is part of the holy trinity:

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The misconception lies in our thwarted attempts to

Persistently follow and chase this precedented ideal.

Perhaps, just maybe, the search is the lie

And all the while happiness was lying within us.