#TuneTuesday 8/16

Get ready for tons of new music, fun remixes, and playful cross-genre tunes.

We can't seem to take DJ Snake's "Pigalle" ft. Moksi off repeat! This track is certain to get us hype the next time it drops at a party and/or festival. Destructo furthers his imprint on EDM and hip-hop fused music with "Catching Plays" ft. King Push, delivering a catchy, club banger. Banks croons over mesmerizing, percussive beats on "Gemini Feed", creating anticipation for her forthcoming LP, 'The Altar'.

Of course, we had to sneak some bass-induced tunes into #TuneTuesday! 4B, the king of Jersey Club music, puts his own spin on Jack U's "Mind", revving up the tempo and bringing tons of energy to the track. Yellow Claw delivers an entire 15-track compilation from their Barong Family label. This impressive collaborative effort highlights the productions of the label's up-and-coming artists from the Netherlands. Try to sit still during our top two picks from the album: "Masta" and "Wasted" - we dare you.

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Arianna JadéComment