#TuneTuesday 2/16

Grab your headphones, plug in the aux cord, or turn up your speakers. It's #TuneTuesday!

No word on any TLOP on the streets (besides Tidal) so you will have to deal with Kanye's single "30 Hours" on SoundCloud. Now that Ye' stopped playing games and finally dropped his album, we can praise the revival of his old sound AND the return of GOOD Fridays! 

Next up is Rihanna's "Work" edited by one of our favorite rising DJs/producers, Eauxzown. Shimmy along now. 

Desiigner is currently the artist on everyone's lips. Enjoy his song "Panda", which totally emits Future-esque vibes. Hmm...

GravesJoyryde and Stoltenhoff massacre their respective tracks with sick drops. Head trash safely, y'all. 

Finish off with smooth melodies from MonstercatAbJo and Tame Impala

Stay tuned,


Arianna JadéComment