#TuneTuesday 1/12

Here's to the first #TuneTuesday of 2016! *clinks glass*

Kanye dropped some new heat so of course I had to sneak that into the playlist along with an Erykah Badu remix that was released this morning. Can we just say Badu has been right on the money as of late? Queen!

Get a little ignorant with OG Maco and slow it down with smooth Doja Cat rhythms. 

Of course, I added that new Valentino Khan x Wiwek. The insane drop will have you wanting to announce it's "showtime!" on the train, or you know, wherever you are. 

Last, but certainly not least, enjoy the trance remix of David Bowie's "Let's Dance". Rest in peace to a beautiful, fearless soul.

Stay tuned,


Arianna JadéComment